ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY - Daily images of our Universe and essays

STARSURFING - Sakib Rasool will take you on a voyage to the edge of intergalactic space

SEDS - Interactive catalogue with information related Messier NGC and IC objects

ROBERT GENDLER - The Universe in Color

JOHANNES SCHEDLER - Panther Observatory taken with a fantastic SC Telescope

JIM MISTI - Misti Mountain Observatory

WOLFGANG PROMPER - The Mozart of Astrophotography

ADAM BLOCK - Visit the LARGEST dedicated public telescope in the Southwest at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter!

CHUCK VAUGHN - Beautiful images of one of the best astrophotographers around

IVAN EDER  - The Beauty of the Sky is in this site

BOB FRANKE - Focal Point Observatory. Excellent images with a RC 12.5" telescope

ANDREA TAMANTI - Images from the Universe. Fantastic work imaged from Italy

LEONARDO ORAZI - The Starkeeper Astrophotography with a powerful 10" GSO RC

LORAND FENYES PHOTO / ASTROPHOTO -  Excellent work performed by Lorand from both Hemispheres

DON GOLDMAN - Cosmic Images from both Hemispheres

CAPELLA OBSERVATORY - Astrophotography from both Hemispheres

GERALD RHEMANN - Astrophotography from both Hemispheres

RICH BOWDEN - Rich is an excellent person and a great astrophotographer. Check out his work from Bay Top Observatory Australia

JASON JENNINGS - Cosmic Photos from Australia

MIKE SIDONIO - Strong Mike. Excellent Pictures from Australia with AP and OOUK Telescopes

JOSE JOAQUIN PEREZ - Southern Astrophotography from Chile.

SERGIT TORRENTS GONZALEZ - Astronomy and Astrophotography from Spain



ALPHA CENTAURI - Carlos Di Nallo Site. Astrophotography from Buenos Aires.

ASTRO PEUMAYEN - Astronomy Forum and good site for general information

ASTRONOMIA AMATEUR CORDOBESA - Activities, Astrophotography and Information from Dr. Alberto Colazo. Córdoba - Argentina.

ASTROFOTOGRAFIA ARGENTINA - Pictures of the darkest skies in Buenos Aires

ASTRONOMIA PAMPEANA - Leonardo Julio Site. Astrophotography form one of the best regions of the country.

ASTRONOMIA SUR - Enzo De Bernardini - Astrophotography, useful articles for the enthusiasts

ASTRO MGS - Marcelo Salemme Astronomy & Astrophotography form BA suburban neighbour (Ramos Mejía)

ASTROPILAR - Astrophotography Web Site of Ezequiel Bellocchio.

CIELOS DEL SUR - Alberto Paladino site - My mentor, friend and superb photographer. 

ESPACIO PROFUNDO - A place dedicated to people interested in Astronomy. News, chats, Forums, classes for beginners.

GERMAN SAVOR - From Entre Ríos, German presents beautiful deep sky images in a very nice website.

NEBULA 1 - Omar Mangini. Astrophotography from downtown

PAMPAS SKIES - Ignacio Díaz Bobillo. Astrophotography from the Pampas.

PROXIMA SUR - Great Astronomy Website and cool fellowship group. Leonardo Julio and Alejandro Tombolini lead the best astronomy indoors incursions in the Country.

SEBASTIAN COLOMBO - Astrophotography from the Southern Sky

SERGIO GALARZA - Sagitario Blues blog. Astronomy activities from all over the country

SIGMA OCTANTIS - Victo Bibé's site. Reporting Astronomical activities form the World southest City: Tierra del Fuego. - 54º 50' lat

SONOVASCO - Alejandro Antognoni Pictures of the night sky

STAR HUNTER - Matias Tomasello. Astrophotography from downtown

SUR ASTRONÓMICO - Conrado Kurtz & Enzo De Bernardini. Plenty of information for the enthusiast.